The Slim Figure Secret of Shapewear for Women

What is the secret sauce those slimmer than ever celebrities use to look amazing whenever they go out in public? Not sauce, body contouring shapewear!

Beneath their gorgeous designer dresses and evening wear that the paparazzi are forever snapping them in at big events, some well known celebrities are holding in any unflattering curves that may still be lingering with body contouring shapewear! The amazing thing is that you can't see it!

Look as Great as a Celebrity!

pelham and strutt shapewearIf you thought you'd never be able to look as slim and toned as your favourite celebrity, or squeeze yourself into that dress size no matter how long and hard you diet for, think again. You can!

The trick is to get on a good diet and lose most of the weight and fat you need to lose.

When you have gotten down to the last few stubborn pounds that are keeping you from squeezing into that cute new dress you have been promising yourself you'd wear at the next big event, buy some good quality shapewear. Then let the body hugging and shaping undergarments do the last bit of slimming for you!

It really works!

Celebrities have known about this for ages! They are famous for staying amazingly slim, but what you see in the glossy magazines and on the TV may not necessarily be the whole story.

Underneath those body hugging clothes lies their secret. Holding in any flabby bits they don't want you to see is their body cinching undergarments.

But now they are revealed for all to see!

What Brand Produces the Best Shapewear Made for Women?

shapewear for womenOne of the best brands making and selling their own design of exclusive shapewear today is a clothing company called Spanx. You may have seen their products in some of the top stores such as Selfridges, Fenwick and Williams & Griffin.

Why are they the best?

The garments in their range are all super comfortable, are made to fit snugly without feeling restrictive and thanks to the use of modern lycra-mix materials are practically invisible beneath even figure hugging clothes! If that's not enough, these slim figure enhancing garments can take inches off your tummy, backside and thighs instantly!

Can Shapewear Make Me Lose Weight?

Unfortunately, not directly. However, the clothing from Pelham and Strutt is designed to increase blood flow and improve muscle tone. This can indirectly help to improve the results of eating a healthy, low calorie diet and getting some regular exercise; all of which will help you to lose weight.

What these garments can do is reduce your figure by gently contouring your body to fit within its shape. It improves posture by tightening the back drawing the shoulders upward and backward slightly so you will sit and stand correctly, which can help to give the appearance of being less overweight.

It is a great way of getting into that slinky little dress you have been promising yourself when you finish your diet, even if you still have a couple of inches left to lose. Slip on the shape wear and amaze yourself at how easily you can fit into that dress now rather than wait a few more weeks!

Who Can Wear This Body Shaper Underwear?

If you are excessively obese you should not realistically expect to be able to put on these clothes and magically look thin. However, most people who are not too overweight can wear items from the range and notice an improved look.

Some satisfied customers claim that wearing Pelham and Strutt shapewear for women has made them appear several pounds lighter and inches thinner! Of course how you will look wearing these undergarments will depend on how much you weigh and how much body fat you are carrying.

Everyone is different, so results will be characteristic of you and be governed by your own shape and size. If you are really interested in learning more about the body shaping underwear by Spanx, you can visit the official website here: