Mind Over Matter

It may surprise some people to learn that they have the power within themselves to bring about relief from many health issues using mind over matter to get well again!

This is no idle claim or some new age quackery either. The idea has its roots in numerous studies conducted over many decades by a number of pioneers in the medical and scientific fields of research.

mind over matterThe simple, basic explanation is that to a certain extent, we can influence the effectiveness of our body's ability to fight infection or tackle viral or bacterial invaders via its own immune system. We can do that through the power of will, or literally "thinking ourselves better."

How Powerful is the Mind?

The mind itself is a potent force that can generate great beneficial results when used correctly in many different forms. Medical science is still unable to wholly fathom the sheer depths of this power, but it has been making fascinating inroads into understanding what we all have in our possession.

While the exact mechanism of how we can train our mind to positively influence the course of a physical illness is still steeped in mystery, we do know through the "placebo effect" that by tricking the mind into believing the body is receiving a medication that will defeat an illness, the body is itself the chief orchestrator of its own recovery.

Since nothing more than a completely neutral sugar pill is given as the placebo, how is it that the body can defeat an illness without the help of a medication? Or even win the battle against obesity or its related diseases without apparent medical intervention?

The answer is that the body is equipped with a potent self-healing mechanism (the immune system) that is capable of fending off most attackers as long as it is directed in the right way. Since the body does what the mind tells it to do, the logical conclusion is that it is the mind itself that is responsible for the direction and success (or otherwise) of the body's natural defences.

What Else Can the Mind Do?

This is truly a fascinating line of thinking and must lead a person who is interested in this subject to wonder what else their minds are capable of. The answer is that no one even knows for sure what the limits of our mental power are!

We do know from personal development circles that the mind can be trained to bring about positive changes in a person's life from their health to their wealth and success in inter-personal relationships. We know that through a process known as meditation that we can artificially create an internal environment that is greatly conducive to mental improvement and physical well being.

By looking at how different cultures use their minds and physical traits in different ways, we can see that there are many different ways that we can make all kinds of mental and physical improvements to ourselves purely through natural methods.

This is without the intervention of science, medicine or technology.

The idea of using "mind over matter" to overcome all manner of difficulty is an old one and one that has proven itself to be effective throughout the ages. You can read more about using the power of thought to bring about positive change here: https://www.tjicl.org which is a valuable resource in the area of personal development.

Many people will of course discount the very idea as being fanciful nonsense, preferring the solid and more comfortable side of medical science and physical rules backed by statistics and demonstrable proof. This is perfectly all right, but the more open minded person will also see the need to extend our knowledge and understanding beyond these limitations.

What do you think?