Affordable Home Delivered Diets

With several main areas of health to target here, it would be a glaring omission to miss out on the side of dieting that involves the convenient, home delivered variety. But while many people do take advantage of their convenience and sheer simplicity, the question of affordability often crops up.

So in this article, I'll take a look at the value side of these programs and see how they can still be of great use to the dieter without busting a big gaping hole in the household or personal budget.

home delivered dietThere is certainly a lot can be said about the effectiveness of home delivered diets and a lot of it is good. People like this way of dieting because it's easy, hassle free and doesn't take up any of your time. So if these programs are really so great, how come everyone isn't using them and losing weight like its going out of fashion?

Perceived Cost

Well, part of the reason not everyone and their granny is using them is mainly because of the cost, or at least the perceived cost of signing up for one of these programs. Take any big, national diet food delivery company like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Medifast for instance and you're facing a bill for a whole month of food to be paid in advance before you even lost a single pound.

Maybe you'll lose some weight sweating over whether you did the right thing in getting your credit card out in the first place! Well, that's how plenty of people feel when they see these programs advertised on TV. But the truth is that when you take into account that the money you pay is for ALL the food you will need to eat for a whole month, then DEDUCT what you normally spend on food for a month, then you'll see how much it has really cost you.

Providing Great Value

For most people, the cost of doing one of these diets will be pretty close to zero. Or in the case of Nutrisystem, probably even less than that. That's because that company is one of the cheapest of its kind and it comes in at as little as $10 a day at 2012 prices. Many people spend more than that on breakfast!

In financial terms, that's actually great value for money. Whether you see it that way will but down to your own personal perception of what is more valuable to you. The money in your pocket or the loss of those inches from your waistline!

So if you thought you couldn't afford to languish in the luxury of a popular home delivery diet program where you don't do any cooking, food prep or calorie counting, then think again. You probably can afford it. And if you're a busy person with not much free time, you can't afford NOT to!